ARMAGIDEON TIME - Stimulus Fuck [audio]


As Richmond, Virginia hardcore outfit ARMAGIDEON TIME prepares to release their Crime As Theatre debut through Anti-Corporate Music in May, they've lunched exclusive premiere of the EP’s “Stimulus Fuck.”
Straight from the heart of the birthplace of slavery and segregation comes ARMAGIDEON TIME. Born out of paranoia and racial tension in the Spring of 2019, Jesse Mowery (Karoshi, In Wolves Clothing, Apostles Of Eris) and Andy Kohler (Voarm, Argentinum Astrum, Sadville) began ruminating on a new musical endeavor. They soon added Shaun Reeves (Voarm) on bass and Taimir Gore (Broke Royals, Kristeva, Glossing) on guitar to round out the instrumental section of this new project. After a year of rehearsal, followed by another year waiting out a pandemic, they connected with rapper BlackLiq, who had recently released his collaborative album with emcee/producer Mopes, titled Time Is The Price on Strange Famous Records.

Watch/listen 'Stimulus Fuck' below: 

Together, this newly formed unit wrote and recorded their debut EP Crime As Theatre. The resulting collection of energetic songs is a story about life, love, and Fox News, told over a relentless blend of ripping crust/d-beat-infused melodic hardcore. Lyrically, the band’s approach challenges the fearmongering, misinformation, and exploitation of the poor that has become the standard American custom, while holding accountable the parties that use those methods to further their agendas.
ARMAGIDEON TIME’s Crime As Theatre EP was recorded by Bob Quirk and Yave Rust, mixed by Bob Quirk, and mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering, the record then completed with cover art by Emily Robinson and photos by Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God).
BlackLiq unravels the “Stimulus Fuck” single, “The collective outrage of being told ‘$1400 is a substantial amount of money to live on’ by our government transcended any political party or affiliation. It wasn’t enough then and it wouldn’t be now. ‘Stimulus Fuck’ isn’t just about anger, it’s about the frustration that comes from the realization that ‘Change doesn’t change.’ They may make the rules, but we make decisions.”

Crime As Theatre will see digital and cassette release on May 6th, with a vinyl version to follow in the Summer. Find physical preorders at the Anti-Corporate webshop here: