New York band QUEMASANTOS have launched the music video for track ‘12 Balas’  that comes included on their latest album,  self-titled. 

Frontman Rob Diaz have commented: 

‘This was a production that touches current social themes such as addiction, religion, technology and pollution; with an abroad vision with drops of Sci-fi. Everything framed in a sonic metal ambiance that is direct and raw at times’.

The video was created by Promusicvideo ( promusicvideo.com ). The self-titled album Quemasantos was recorded  between 2015-2022. It was mixed and mastered by Ignacio Orellana at Oily Sound Studios in NYC. The album contains 9 tracks including 2015’s version of ‘Somos Legion’ mixed and mastered by Ignacio Figueroa in ViƱa del Mar, Chile.


  1. Planeta Rojo
  2. Acceso Denegado
  3. Justicia Digital
  4. Arcangel 6
  5. Quemasantos
  6. Seda y Acero
  7. 12 Balas
  8. Somos Legion (2020)  feat. Gonzalo Rodriguez 
  9. Somos Legion (2015) bonus

Quemasantos es:
Rob Diaz - Vocals
Regisson Silva - Guitars 

Ignacio Orellana - Drums 

Guest Bassists

The music can be founded physical on Bandcamp here ( http://quemasantos.bandcamp.com ), and digitally on most of the high quality streaming services.

For more information visit: